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I love working on TANGO NOTES. But it takes a lot of time! As I'm in the process of establishing myself as an independent information designer, I unfortunately can't spend as much time as before working on side projects. This is why I'm looking for more sponsors for TANGO NOTES. Some backing will allow me to spend more time building TANGO NOTES to become a resource both for dancers and DJs!

You can contribute via my TANGO NOTES Buy Me a Coffee page. It's super simple to join - this is how it works:

I don't literally get paid in coffee, of course: Buy Me a Coffee works the same way as Patreon with paid memberships. You only need PayPal or Stripe. Membership is 5 EUR/month (cancel any time) or 50 EUR/year. It's also possible to use my Buy Me a Coffee page for individual contributions (no sign-up needed). Look for the Buy Me a Coffee button on the TANGO NOTES website.

Buy Me A Coffee

If you don't want to use Buy Me a Coffee but still would like to be a sponsor, feel free to contact me via the contact form below.

link to contact form
link to contact form